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Mike Astrachan is a leading economist in the field of U.S. and world forecasting and in the application of economic strategies, usually through structured finance.

His forecasts have been published by Merrill Lynch, Dow Jones, and Reuters, as well as Barron’s and in recent years have appeared in Globes, the Israeli business newspaper and Yedioth, the Israeli newspaper with the largest distribution.

He is known for making accurate forecasts: He predicted accurately Black Monday; the dramatic rise in the stock market in 1995 – 19991,2,3 and the collapse of the market starting in the first quarter of 20004. He has also warned in real time about the risks associated with world economic growth based critically on the rise in U.S. house prices5, and predicted the fall of the stock market in 2007 – 20096, the near-collapse of the financial system7,8, as well as the present upturn in economy and stock market9,10,11.

He has held a number of distinguished positions: serving in the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank, New York; as senior interest rates analyst at Merrill Lynch; and Chief Economist at Olympia & York. In addition, he served as Executive Vice President Finance and Investment at Elbit, one of the first and largest hi- tech companies in Israel.

He graduated from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and holds a Masters from the University of Pennsylvania.

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